The purpose of the Westerners Spokane Corral is to bring together in warm fellowship men and women who have a common interest in Pacific Northwest history. The Spokane Corral meets the third Thursday of every month, except July and August. Westerners encourage historical research and popularize western lore and history through publication, awards and preservation of archival records, documents and other evidence of the Pacific Northwest.  Call Sheriff John Caskey (509) 863-2519. Send mail to:  The Westerners Spokane Corral, P.O. Box 1717, Spokane, WA 99210 for more information.  We meet the third Thursday of every month, except July and August.  Meeting time is 5:30PM for dinner and 7:00PM for the speaker at the Airport Holiday Inn, 1616 South Windsor Drive, Spokane.

Professor Larry Cebula

John & Catherine Caskey

Spokane's Legendary Davenport Hotel
May 21, 2015, Professor Larry Cebula will speak about his website called "Spokane". 

 Professor Larry Cebula teaches history at  Eastern Washington University. The title of his talk will be "". In just three years, Larry Cebula's University sponsored website has exploded with identification and explanations of many dozens of Eastern Washington and Spokane historical sites of interest, interactive maps and wonderful vintage pictures - all researched and prepared by EWU graduate students in history. The presentation will include a live visit to the website and walk through of its features.

Larry spoke at the Westerners about five years ago on the topic of the State of Washington's Digital Archives collection in Cheney. He is also author of The Plateau Indians, in our opinion an essential text and reference book for understanding the culture and religion of the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest. Visit the website at

Please join us at the Airport Holiday Inn, 1616 S. Windsor Drive Spokane, Washington 99224. Contact Pat Holien by May 18th, for reservations.  Pat's email is  and phone number is 509-466-2439.

History of Hats

John Caskey will be speaking about the history of hats. Each month he has a new hat to show us.  In this picture he is wearing the Top Hat and his wife, Catherine is wearing the American Lady's Bonnet.

Tony and Suzanne Bamonte have new copies of Spokane's Legendary Davenport Hotel, it has been out of print for a while. It is available at Auntie's bookstore or order through:

Tornado Creek Publications
P.O. Box 8625
Spokane, Washington 99203
(509) 838-7114

(Thanks to Suzanne and Tony Bamonte, for editing and finishing this important book about Spokane's history, it is a must read)

Upper images are courtesy of  the Northwest Room of the Spokane Public Library. The image in upper left hand side is courtesy of Larry Cebula.  The fourth image is courtesy of John CaskeyThe image to the lower left is courtesy of Tony and Suzanne Bamonte.